Stand up that will make you a better person (it absolutely won’t)

“But how did you know you were ready?!”. If I had a pound for every single time I have heard that question well, let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t be putting on this daft show.

96% of us have said no to something we really wanted to do because we did not feel like we were yet ready.  Knowing when, and giving ourselves permission, to jump is one of the most undervalued and under nurtured skills in an increasingly fast, quickly evolving world. Readiness is why so many fantastically talented people can fail to achieve their potential, whilst others dive head first into life and work, picking up accolades like Pac-Man’s pellets. 

Armed with a shit tonne of jokes, humour and awkward stories The Ready Show is stand up, but like…inspiring and that.

“Kirsty Hulse is a weird hybrid of motivational speaking and standup that nobody asked for…

…but you didn’t realise you really really needed it and really really wanted it”

“Kirsty is like a cheeky shot of serotonin for the soul”

“I didn’t know that self development could be so absolutely hilarious”

We’ve had an absolute shocker, and I really really really believe that we all need to feel bloody good. The show is still fairly undeveloped (the irony of the name is not lost on me) but The Ready Show will leave audiences delighted, uplifted, inspired and all in all in a really fucking good mood. And who doesn’t need that!?