Creative workshops

Helping you have better ideas

Having worked in digital, SEO and content marketing for nearly ten years I have a wealth of experience in creating content that people want to share, and also, a lot of experience in creating content that people really don't.

Through both my successes and failures I have learnt a huge amount about how to have creative ideas that truly resonate and developed on process of easily validating ideas before investing time and effort in pursuing them.

Creativity is not a talent, it's a skill you can learn. I can help your team to understand how to unlock their inherent creativity, how to structure group brainstorms to make them as inclusive and effective as possible and how to connect two distinct concepts to create find those elusive original ideas.

What attendees said

Hey Kirsty. Thank you so much for yesterday! The team feel inspired and really motivated after the session. We all got a lot out of it, so big thanks 🙂

A massive thank you for yesterday! The team really enjoyed it and there were LOTS of promotional ideas immediately being passed around after you left. I think everyone was massively inspired and reinvigorated by your visit which is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks so much for coming down and doing that, we really loved it! © 2017 All Rights Reserved