Confidence Workshops

Helping you find your voice

After finding myself the only female speaker at a conference more than once, I began to give free presentation training to women to try and do my bit, in a small way, to try and balance the playing field.

Speaking to people about the fears they had when it came to public speaking, I realised that providing training on simply how to present wasn't the solution. The solution was to create workshops where people could discover their voice, feel empowered and find the confidence to get on stage in the first place.

Taking lessons I learnt from a surprisingly successful stint in standup comedy, I developed a workshop to help people not only present better on stage, but to let go of their inhibitions, find the fun in failure and to create the confidence to put themselves out there.

I run regular donation-only workshops which are open to the public, or I can come in to your business and provide tailored support.

You can subscribe to find out when I will be running the next donation only workshop or contact me too book your own.


What attendees said

“Kirsty’s one-day speaker confidence workshop provided exactly the confidence boost that I needed – since then I’ve pitched to speak at two SEO conferences and have been accepted for both. Kirsty’s style is informal and relaxed, allowing each participant to find their voice, pinpoint their own strengths and explore speaking in a supportive (and often hilarious) environment. Would recommend for anyone looking for a no-bullshit day to inspire, educate and most importantly propel you into action!”
“KIRSTY WAS AMAZING. Like truly. I think the fact we all came out motivated, with a new found level of confidence in ourselves that we could do it, wanted to do it, and being in total awe of Kirsty just demonstrates this. She’s got a room of 9 strangers all presenting random stuff together, chatting away, and every one coming away wanting to do more. Now that’s fab!”
“I was so surprised with how much I took from this workshop. In just a few hours I felt like I knew how to present myself in all areas of my life. I’ve started speaking at events now too!” © 2017 All Rights Reserved