March 20, 2014
Why No Make Up Selfies are Making me Sad

OK so firstly let me say…I’m really drunk.

Secondly let me say that the No Make Up Selfie cancer awareness is, all in all, an absolutely splendid thing – it’s raised money for an inordinately worthy cause and made people feel empowered and proud and all that lovely good stuff. Excellent, no issues there; I take zero umbrage with the thing itself.

Buuuuut, but, buuut, but it’s making me feel weird, because what’s made it so successful relies on something a bit sad. And that is the idea that just sharing a photo of your NORMAL FACE is considered a brave, daring achievement. I’m not saying that it’s not but I am saying that it shouldn’t be.

Yes I wear make up, yes I think I look a lot better with it on (an ex boyfriend recently said to me, thinking he was being complimentary “it’s amazing how you can just…transform yourself”. PASS ME THE MAC STAT). I do tend to go days without it sometimes but I’d definitely be gutted if I ran in to someone I was trying to impress on those days. I have friends who won’t leave the house without make up and friends who wear none at all, whatever, each to their own.

But seeing my friends say that they’ve had to build up to doing it and they’re nervous about it just makes me feel a little glum. The fact that it’s exploded and become a social media storm makes me think there’s something a little dislodged in our perceptions of ourselves.

We’re lovely, you know? And we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bare faces. I get that sharing a selfie of your bare face is going against exactly that which is wonderful (go sister!)  but it even being a thing is ultimately based on the assumption that we’re a bit embarrassed of what we look like in actuality. Our faces that the people we love the most see all the time.

I like the no make up selfie thing, I like what’s done and is doing, I just kinda wish it wasn’t such a big deal, you know?

Now pass me the red wine and primer.авторегистратор купить в воронеже

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Charles Floate
March 20, 2014

Totally agree, it’s interesting to see people without any makeup on – It reallllyy is. Buuuutttt (sorry, had to steal it) I don’t get why people are so self conscious about their looks.
I have acne – Standard.. I’m a teenager after all xD and my skin is naturally oily due to my “heritage” (sounds like an awful/cheesy line on my dating profile) but too take pictures/profile pictures etc.. I don’t wear makeup nor do I try to position the camera in some odd way – I like black and white (Hence my profile picture on Twitter and Gravatar) because I think it looks cool, idk.. personally opinion.
I’d like to see people stop being so “courageous” in posting a picture of themselves… and be a bit more courageous with their everyday life – Too many people are pushovers, and it wrecks the world.

P.S. It was quite warm today, so I’ve had 3-4 ciders, so I’m a lickle tipsy, not drunk though 😛

March 21, 2014

Here here Charles!