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February 22, 2013

I just need to get a personal frustration off my chest.

The notion of white hat, grey hat, black hat, purple hat, sorting hat…it’s just all nonsense.

What is black hat SEO?

Traditionally, many think of ‘black hat’ as referring to spamming, cloaking  stuffing, spinning…all of the naughty SEO stuff that is done with the intention of gaming Google (or any other search engine) into thinking your site deserves to rank. To trick search engines into thinking that your site has links, authority and users just love it.

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September 17, 2012

When I tweeted a couple of weeks ago asking whether infographics were a yay or nay I got various responses and a conversion began between myself and Matt Feilding from greater Manchester digital agency Custard Media. We then decided to put our heads together and try and get to the bottom of:

1) What makes a good infographic?

2) Is it worth it?

So over to you in the studio, Matt…

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September 3, 2012

My lovely flatmate celebrated her 25th birthday this weekend and I recall, over too many tequilas and terrible renditions of Lola, we started discussing what we’d both achieved in life thus far, something which milestone birthdays are all too good at initiating.

There were many notable achievements; degrees, good jobs, visiting places, realising that Danny Boyle and Danny Wallace aren’t the same person etc etc.

This familiar wine fuelled conversation however, has encouraged me to create one of these popular ’25 before 25′ bucket lists – not at all in a morose “I’ve done nothing!” way because that’s just silly…but, you know, it wouldn’t harm me to do try and do a bit more. Or at the very least, pretend to.

I am 25 in 9 months, so in the same time frame someone can have a baby, I aim to have experienced these things. Maybe.

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June 14, 2011

Before I start rabbiting on, I’d like to begin by clarifying the title for this post. Originally it was ‘How to Learn SEO’ then I soon realised that learning the findamental priciples of SEO is frankly, a walk in the park. The difficulties lie in, however, how to actually manage one or more SEO campaigns and acheive results from your efforts in a constantly changing and demanding industry.

So with that said, are you all sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Throw yourself in at the Deep End

SEO (or digital marketing, online PR etc) is not an industry where people sit down for 3 months, hold your hand and train you. And nor should it be.

There is everything you could wish to learn about being a great SEOer online, from how to use excel to learning HTML. Not to mention the plethora of really useful SEO insight and information available on countless SEO blogs, some of my personal favourites being: Search Engine Land, Justin Briggs, Top Rank and of course, Moz, although the stuff on here is pretty low level, the Whiteboard Fridays are always good fun. Code Academy is also a great tool for those who are fluent in reading code, but have more difficulty writing it, like me.

The best way to learn in the industry is on the job, so grab those metaphorical nettles, start reading and dive in.

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