June 4, 2013
25 Before 25 Update

A few months ago I complied a 25 before 25 list, some have been ticked off, some certainly haven’t.

As I am 25 in just two weeks – here’s my final update:

1. Improve my French.

Sometimes, when we’re drunk, my flatmates (the fluent ones) and I play French guessing games. A particular favourite is translating our DVD titles.

I think I’m getting better at speaking it in this very specific capacity.

Retour vers le Futur

2. Visit Scotland for the 1st time

Yes. Done. Though I’ve not seen much more than the confines of the LBi office, I did go on a bus tour of Edinburgh at the weekend and learnt a lot about Scotland’s grave digging heritage.

3. Learn PHP

Pffftt…wonder why I put this in here. I don’t even like PHP. Let’s just pretend I have.

function lock() {
    $file = fopen('file.txt', 'r+');
    if (!flock($file, LOCK_EX & LOCK_NB)) {
        goto retry;
    fwrite($file, 'Success!');


I am trying. I really really am.

4. Go to New York and Canada Thailand India

Yes. That’s happening.

5. Do the three peaks challenge

I was fucking sick in the gift shop at the summit of Snowdon. Not for me. Clearly.

6. Read more.

Yup, got classics ticked off my list since then – Brave New World, The Time Machine and…some others.

7. Pass my GAP and GAIQ exams

8. Finally watch all of the Lord of the Rings

I just. Need. To. Find. The. Time.

Yeah, that.

9. Learn how to use all the functions on my SLR

I’ve not even charged it yet…


10. Perhaps maybe think about potentially possibly learning to drive.

I think it’s crossed my mind, like…once.

It’s crossed my mind – and my mind and I have unanimously agreed I’d be terrible at it and should avoid it.

11. Spend more than £6 on a bottle of wine…and feel fine about it.

I’m still not there yet, not willingly anyway.

If I were to total the cost of the amount of wine I have drank in the past nine months – I should think it would be in 4 figures. That’s enough.

12. Get a coffee machine.


I look at them in shops sometimes…

Flatmate got a peculator for his birthday and I bought some freshly ground beans from a market stall in Greenwich. That so fucking counts.

13. Stop using Paint.net, sit down one afternoon and settle my differences with Photoshop. 

I am divorcing Photoshop on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

14. Learn about Forex.


16. Go to Venice

17. Stop cheating

18. Ride a horse

Why did I think this was something I wanted to do?!

They can smell my fear.

19. Cycle through central London

I cycled through a park in central London…that counts…surely?!

20. I’ve been in London 2 months now…it’s time to unpack. 

It doesn’t look like that now, but it did, for a day or two.

21. Be tidier


22. Buy a diary – and use it for longer than a week.

Fuck diaries.

23. Speak at another SEO related conference/event

Hopefully! More on this soon.

24. Blog more.

I will I will.

25. Solve financial crisis – personal and global. 

Yes! I am, for the first time since I was 18, out of my overdraft.

OK so all in all – I’ve clearly not done very well there. But, as my mum always says – it’s the taking part that counts.Темпы роста интернет-продаж в России

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